Because of recent world events, the religion of Islam has been vilified. I have never believed in stereotyping an entire group based on a tiny number of extremists. This is as political as I’m willing to get. Quite often, fear and hate is based on ignorance. Those most willing to stereotype are usually those who least know about the group they are stereotyping. So, here’s a tidbit which can allow all of us to learn a little something about Islam. The information isn’t even about the religion itself, but about its art.

According to BBC News, a Science study of medieval Islamic art has shown some of its geometric patterns use principles established centuries later by modern mathematicians. The research shows an important breakthrough had occurred in Islamic mathematics and design by 1200.

Link to article: Advanced geometry of Islamic art

2 Responses to “Advanced geometry of Islamic art”

  1. reda samy says:

    thanks alot for ur observation…really i become very glad when i see someone interest in knowing the ”others” in a perfect and different way….and the best way to to have an idea about one nation is to know their cultures , music, thinking, philosophy…etc..
    and that what u have done..thanks alot..
    iam a student i n the first year at mouhammed ibrahim calligraphy school..and we study that geometry tiles and patterns but not in perfect or professionalized way..cos we care about calligraphy more than geometry …
    any way.. the foundation of Islamic art come from the mosque…every thing come from the mosque..the place of prayer the place of meeting God..the repeating of the geometric patterns without end refers to the everlasting eternity of the God …without end ..without start ..forever….and muslim never put any picture of vital or living creatures focus on the basics ,,the heart of the thing ..thats why all the art of islam is abstract art…..

    sory i wrote alot..but it just was an idea wanna to say..thanks alot and i wish that we become friends too ..

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