Selena Maranjian of The Motley Fool advises readers not to drink bottled water. She mentions that many bottled water products consist simply of tap water modified to taste better. Since The Motley Fool is a personal finance site she concentrates more on the aspect of savings than on health aspects.

I never did follow the trend of buying bottled water and prefer to drink from a water fountain. The thought of paying for water never made sense to me. At home I prefer to filter water straight from the faucet. To avoid the hassle of water pitchers I use a Brita On Tap System, since it can be attached right onto the faucet.

Don’t Drink the Water in … America? [The Motley Fool]

Elizabeth Brokamp over at the Motley Fool offers a list of ways to help you save. She categorizes these tips into Money Matters, Household, Medicine, General Shopping, Groceries, Lifestyle, and Automotive. If you’ve been looking for ways to save more, here’s a list to get you started.

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