Wishing everyone a safe and fun Fourth of July. To add a bit of nostalgia, here’s a Schoolhouse Rock video clip:

Things do certainly change but it is amazing how much actually stays the same. I spent the weekend going through some old letters, cards, and personal journals. Among the journals found was the first one I wrote in regularly at the age of 12. Entries proclaimed groundbreaking revelations like discovering that I was no longer the only girl in class who had begun menstruating. Posts on boys at the time seemed to center around disgust at the sheer number of times they passed gas. Most of the letters I read were also from when I was aged 12 until about 14. Even those from when I was a few years older were with the same people I had met during those formative years. Sheer nostalgia at revisiting those times soon gave way to another revelation. Insights into personal life experiences may differ quite a bit now and I may respond to situations differently, but the essence of who I am has never changed.

“Don’t think so hard,” was a recurring mantra to me by various friends. Yes, I will readily admit that I am a thinker. I pride myself on continually learning whenever possible. A struggle growing up was sometimes overanalyzing a problem or idea to the point that action was hindered. Although I can’t say I’ve done a complete turnaround, over time I’ve learned to rely on the constant research and trust my gut to instantly make a choice when the time came.
Just the other day I took a quick survey and found that I am the Enneagram Institute Investigative Type.


Several other Enneagram Types also ranked highly for me. All of us can at times display qualities of any one of those types. But yearning to learn more, perceiving minute details, envisioning a world of possibilities – those are all things I do now and have always done.

How about you? Think back to your adolescent days. What qualities about you have changed since then? What continues to be the same? Are you surprised?

Martin Espaillat has been missing since Valentine’s Day, the day of the snowstorm in the New Jersey area. No leads have surfaced as of this writing.

A petition to be delivered to the Clifton Police Department aims to persuade the police to expand their search to include an area in Clifton known as “The Gates of Hell.” This area is a series of underground tunnels and hidden compartments. The petition itself reads as follows:

We, the undersigned, demand a full scale police led or warranted search of the no trespassing area known as “The Gates of Hell” and any surrounding areas in Clifton, NJ in search of Martin Espaillat.

Sign the petition

Martin Espaillat was last seen on the morning of February 14th, 2007 on his way to the train station in Clifton, New Jersey. He would have been heading to work in Jersey City, New Jersey. Martin was wearing a black Northface coat with a hoodie. If you have seen him, or have any information please contact Mildred Espaillat at mildred@happyviper.com. You may also contact the Clifton or Jersey City Police Department at 973-470-5262.
Edgar, Martin’s cousin, has built a comprehensive website that lists Martin’s stats, has tons of more recent pictures, and even video and a description of what he was wearing the morning he disppeared.

Here is the website: http://happyviper.com/martin/

Thanks again, and please share this with everyone.

Here are some photos of Martin. Some of them are rather old and his style has changed through the years, but his face never changes.

Photo collage of Martin Espaillat

Another year has come and gone. One more new year. One more set of resolutions. For some time, I had been pretty good about both creating and keeping my list of goals for the year. But I can’t even remember if I made resolutions last year. Perhaps that’s why I’m not sad to see 2006 pass on by. At times it felt like I was lost in the jungle without a map. Well, the beginning of another year offers a perfect time to create that map (not to mention a perfect time to write a first post).

So many advice articles and goal-setting tips recommend to create measurable and realistic goals which can be accomplished in one year. I will go into detail about each goal in future posts and revisit these resolutions throughout the year to track my progress. Yes, the measurable aspect of each goal may not exactly be too lofty, but that only means that I have no excuse not to carry these out.

Here are my 2007 New Year’s Resolutions:

  1. First and foremost, I will keep family and friends as my number one priority.
  2. I will finish reorganizing my finances.
  3. I will exercise at least twice a week.
  4. I will write in my blog at least once a week.
  5. I will finish the initial development of my personal site.
  6. A secondary source of income with positive cash flow will be established.