The Blog presents a list of interesting questions when dealing with client-provided CAD files. Well-intentioned clients who share these files to help begin a design could actually raise red flags with their respective contractors. One potential question the CADD Manager recommends is

Do you verify all dimensions or just accept the files as being right ?

These questions are presented from the perspective of the contractor but it is also important for clients to be mindful of these sorts of issues. I am usually in the role of a client. Normally when dealing with CAD files the work entails either creating the drawing from scratch or verifying the accuracy of a drawing. So those issues don’t normally apply. Now that we have an established base of CAD drawings, in the future we will probably begin to furnish these files more often.

Seeing potential contractor questions such as those suggested by CADD Manager will allow us to proactively address these questions before the need to do so arises.

Finally, when dealing with contractor supplied CAD files, I believe that the list of questions would then apply to the client perspective. If you touch CAD files in any way, whether as a client or a contractor, the list should prove useful to you.

Client provided CAD Files [ Blog]

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