Numerous blog advice articles and posts recommend establishing a blog with a very narrow focus or niche. If you’ve read some of my posts you already have noticed that I can write about a variety of different topics. Quite frankly, what I’ve written is still much more narrow in scope than the number of topics I’ve thought about writing on. The result is that my updates have been more on the sporadic side and even though I started posting at the beginning of this year I feel I have yet to hit my blogging stride. My “voice” isn’t entirely captured in the writing and I haven’t even yet linked to this blog when commenting on other blogs or participating in forums, feeling instead that this blog isn’t ready to be introduced to the public.

I’ve held back because it has been difficult to focus on one niche. Would such a focus mean that I’d have to miss out on all those other topics I am still interested in learning about? The Internet is a wealth of information and one can easily get lost in the mountain of reference materials. I’ve found myself reading, reading, and reading rather than writing.

But this is my personal blog. Those who know me nod vigorously when it is suggested that I am eclectic. I enjoy learning about a multitude of different things. It is who I am. Rather than almost censoring myself to avoid writing a potentially unfocused blog about random ideas, I think now it is better to simply write. If there is a certain topic I do write at great length about that topic could break off into its own dedicated blog.

Until I let those internal shackles go and write, I won’t discover that focus. Besides, writing about different topics doesn’t necessarily mean that overall the blog would become something too random or scattered. It reflects who I am. I can be considered eclectic but I haven’t been described as unfocused. If a topic emerges as one I can write at great length about, it could perhaps break off onto its own dedicated blog. But those ideas can only be discovered if I do take the time to explore them and write about them.

A funnel of ideas. Writing unrestrained by topic. For the time being this is the direction the blog will take. Don’t worry, I’ll refrain from sharing play-by-play accounts of doing the laundry.

What about you? Do you find yourself worrying so much finding the perfect subject matter you end up muting your online voice? Do you feel confident that you have found that niche? How did you choose this niche?

One Response to “A Funnel of Ideas”

  1. opit says:

    “He who hesitates is lost.”
    Often it isn’t easy to know what you think about an activity before trying it. I love to read personal anecdotes and experiences of a humorous style ; but a person only has so many ‘war stories’.
    A personal blog is liberating : a board which you fill with your choices. There are many which never achieve that great a circulation – but are treasured by a few because thoughtful commentary is at a premium.
    If you must, you can read up on ‘How to Blog’. They will all tell you the best system is the same as for writing any essay : write about what you know and what interests you.
    As for me – I found an avocation as a sort of online librarian-explorer. There are many site hosts and styles of communities and contacts. Social communities give one a good deal faster and more prolific feedback than any blog.

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