It’s morning. I boot up the pc and right after the inital daily processing of email messages I launch the player. On some days music is an afterthought. Other days almost require the rhythmic inspirations brought on by quality music. The player’s still trying to get station information. Hmm…server must be busy.

Rather than wait indefinitely for a connection or troubleshoot the player I turn instead to Pandora. Alas, as I arrive at the site I discover that Pandora, along with most other internet radio sites, is taking part in a Day of Silence. To bring attention to a situation which threatens the existence of internet radio, most internet broadcasters will be off the air today. is not taking part in this Day of Silence so I can only assume that being unable to connect to a station earlier today was because of increased load on their servers.

I have spoken out in support of internet broadcasters and will continue to do what I can to help the fight to Save Net Radio.

By the way, our home internet connection has been out for several days. It has affected my posting ability and makes me how much I’ve come to rely on the Internet. On the bright side I have been extraordinarly productive in the offline world.

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