A Lodi driver convicted of running over and killing a North Bergen infant was fined a whopping $300. The child’s mother was obviously outraged with this outcome. The driver, though, also wasn’t happy with the sentence and plans to appeal.

I can only imagine the heartache this mother must be feeling. I don’t know the details about this case, but I can’t help but shake my head. If it is true that this driver wants to appeal the slap on a wrist and being convicted with driving without insurance for killing an infant, he should avoid looking at himself in the mirror the rest of his life. By driving without insurance, he already showed disregard for both the law and for the safety of himself and others. Running over a 14 month old, and instead of remorse, taking a stance of not deserving any sort of justice is simply reprehensible.

Maybe one day he will learn to be ashamed of himself.

$300 fine for driver who ran down baby [The Jersey Journal]

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