Bluffton University’s baseball team was involved in a bus accident yesterday morning. The bus drove off of an overpass and came crashing down onto the highway below. Four players, the bus driver, and the bus driver’s wife were killed. My prayers go out to the victims and their families.

As a former high school softball team captain, I remember how tight-knit the team was. Some of my closest friends today include members of that high school team. Hearing news of any young person’s untimely death saddens me. This news hit home because of the closeness I felt and still feel with my teammates. It really is like being part of an extended family. I can only imagine the devastation felt by Bluffton’s baseball team. The university is small with even fewer students than at my high school. So the entire university community is probably more deeply affected than if it happened at a larger university. I’m not saying that this makes the news more tragic, but I am saying that everyone at Bluffton probably knew these victims, and probably knew them well.

Hopefully the shared pain and struggle to come to terms with this grief will strengthen the Bluffton University community and they will emerge even closer than ever.

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