The Blog has posted a heated debate between two extremists: Ryan’s is an avid Netflix user while his counterpart, Andy, is a diehard Blockbuster fan.

The opening arguments from both Ryan and Andy stuck to fact-driven statements, with each one backing up their claims with statistics. But their “parting jabs” were just that. Instead of continuing with a civil debate the conversation devolved into more of the “my service rocks, yours sucks!” variety. Comments from supporters of both sides of the argument drew the conversation further away from logical debating. The blog moderators had to clean up some of the more heated comments before making those comments live. Kudos to the moderating team for taking the extra step of cleaning up the language and doing what they could to keep the discussion resembling a debate.

One thing is clear from the post and subsequent comments: users of these services are adamant about their support. Poll results showing reader support of the opposing views are very close to equal. 53% agree with Ryan’s arguments for Netflix while 47% agreed with Andy’s statements for Blockbuster. Civil and fact-driven debating may have given way to fan-thumping, but it is interesting that there were almost no participants stating they didn’t have a preference for either movie rental service. They ardently prefer one over the other.

Personally, I have been a long-time customer of Netflix. And yes, I am an ardent fan of Netflix.

Netflix, Inc.

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