If you are like me, you enjoy the plethora of services offered by Google. From email to calendar appointments, to simple word processing documents, quite a bit of data can be accumulated in these various applications. That is a whole lot of data to entrust to Google’s servers!

Adam Pash from Lifehacker has written a thorough post describing backup strategies on the Google services most often used.

My calendar gets synced with Plaxo and my work email already gets downloaded to Thunderbird, but the Lifehacker strategies would greatly strengthen my comfort level in those backups. Also, thought of resubscribing to all those blogs makes me shudder. It’s time to backup those subscriptions!

There are undoubtedly other ways of backing up Google Apps data. Have you found a way to back up your data? Are there any other Google services not covered in the post for which you have found a backup solution?

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